Samstag, 23. November 2013

Ready for Break-In, Big Jugs for Mr. D

Engine is ready for break-in, will be done with carbs
On a new engine it`s not a good idea to try out if something work or not

After the break-in, the fuel injection will take place on the engine

completely revised alternator by
Next Project will be:
Big Jugs for Mr. D
Milling TypIV case
104mm that are Big Jugs
Uuups, 2 cylinders have not the same length
but who cares, I'm going to shorten the cylinder by 2 mm
and than the big jugs will have equale length!

Sonntag, 17. November 2013

Final Assembly, Nikasil Mahle Cylinder, Action shots

The Typ IV engine  for Rolf is now at the final assembly

Alternator will be rebuiled with new bearing, photos will follow


Mahle Nikasil-Cylinders for a nice engine project this winter ..........., no China junk ;-)
Report will follow

Few more action shots from Hockenheim

Spectators looking at the JPS slidevalve and the mechanical Kugelfischer injection

Sonntag, 10. November 2013

Hibernation, Rolfs Typ IV

Rolf reconditioned engine takes shape.

This engine is for his 412 LE and will ran with stock fuel injection

With a little upgrade this engine will make good fun next saison
Big bore pistons
Webcam camshaft

Reworked heads with redesigned combustion chambers

Hibernation for my Oval
Sleep well :-)


Sonntag, 3. November 2013

46. Akademisches Hockenheimring 02.11.2013

This Weekend was the last race-weekend for Walter Zwahlen  and his racing bug in 2013.

He finished the last race as he started in the saison 2013.

!! Winning !!

I am proud that I can provide this racingcar with the JPS Slidevalve and JPS HD aluminum pushrods .

Some racing impressions:

Preparing for the qualifying

On the track:
Uahh, wet race
No problem for Wallä, he likes to race on wet conditions

for such maneuvers out of Sachs Kurve you need big balls ;-)

Racing results you find here:
Some pics of other racing bugs
Very nice racebug of Gerd Weiser GWD

Toni Seemeier`s racer

Jens Stoye

Viktor Konstanty
A small comparison in laptimes:
Fastest Lap Walter Zwahlen:  1:18,234
Fastest Lap Gerd Weiser with his son on board:  1:21,988
(very impressive)
Fastest Lap Toni Seemeier:  1:22,455

Cool Weekend and a happy winner!

Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2013

Engine building, love it!!

This are some Projects I`m working on.

High Performance Typ1 Engine 1915cc, like my engine for 2013 (very nice)
As George from Portland said to me:
It feels like a 356  Carrera2 engine

Project Name: Coin of Five

Upgrade for a TypIV engine to 2412cc

 EFI 1776cc build, exactly according to the wishes of the owner ;-)

Mittwoch, 11. September 2013

Ferdinand's Revenge Part 3

The next activity on my engine project is to select and modify the connecting rods and the lifters .
The picture shows the H-profile connecting rods after balancing.
You can see the grinding marks on the small end.
The weigth is within 0,2g balanced.

The connecting rods are 5.4 "long, because I prefer short connecting rods for street applications.

Weight stock connecting rods vs H-profile connecting rods

For the lifters I have also decided to use nice lightweight components,
These lifters and other lightweight components help to keep the valvetrain ligth and dynamical

ligthweigth lifters (53,4 - 53,7 gramm, per pcs. in this set)

Have a great week!


Freitag, 6. September 2013

How you can destroy a VW engine

This week I have disassembled a broken VW engine.
The engine  had very low mileage and was a converted VW industrial engine
The pictures show why this happened.......

This is how the camshaft looks when the "Muppets" installed an oil pump that doesn`t fit.
Here was a 3-bolt oilpump installed instead of a oilpump for a 4 rivet dished camshaft
The chips and chunks came into the oil circuit and that`s it.


Freitag, 30. August 2013

Ferdinand's Revenge Engine Project: Part 2

In Part 2 we will have a look on the heart of the engine : the Crankshaft

This is a forged crankshaft from the USA

The first thing is always quality inspection!

This crankshaft was ok from the measurements and it didn`t runout when I check it between 2 centers on the lathe.
For this engine I decided to make an additional heat treatment:

Teniferieren in german     or    ferritic nitrocarburizing in english

Check the links:

After this was balancing: Uaah 30 gramms out of balancing!! at the first check.
But now it's perfect, alone and together with the flywheel and the Kennedy pressure plate.


For sure JPS 3,3kg Cromo Flywheel

Have a great Weekend!

Montag, 26. August 2013

Ferdinand's Revenge New Engine Project: Part1

In the first part, I will show you some components and how I modify this.

This is the modified intake valve 42mm vs a stock 35,5mm intake valve

Weight of the modified 42 mm intake valve
Weight of the stock 35,5mm intake valve
only 2 Gramms between 42mm and stock 35,5mm .....
Line up of my valves
Next part follow soon:
Stay tuned!