Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

Engine for Saison 2013

This is the Street-Engine for my `56 Ragtop Oval for Saison 2013
Stock Crankshaft modified
Lightened Stock connecting rods
94mm AA modified Pistons  & Cylinder
Ligthweigth Wrist Pin
W120 Camshaft
72g Lifters
Cylinderheads 041 JPS modified
40 / 35,5 Valve (Lightened)
Titanium Retainers
Single Hi-Rev Springs
1:1,25 Rockers
JPS HD Aluminium Pushrods (41 Gramm / pcs)
JPS 3,4kg Flywheel
40 Dellorto with JPS 34mm Venturi
1-2-3 Tune Ignition
CSP Super Competition Exhaust
Very nice engine revs up like a Super-Vee!

Long Block Assembly
GBE Case Conversion Kit

Sonntag, 14. April 2013

Technical Facts Formel Super Vee

Today's blog is for People the love the fine art of Formula Vee and Formula Super Vee.

For all guys the prefer "hard" stuff like K Motion K800 Dual Chevy springs, steel pushrods and monstervalves  they can stop reading here.......

I've found two tables to the engine technology of Formula Vee and Super Vee, which show the fine technique to build a "air"-cool engine .

Have a look on valvespring pressure, valve size and carburetor size and the performance per liter they achieve.

My 1915er streetengine  is built "almost" identical
I love the response of this engine ......

Try it yourself once , a wide grin is for sure

nice week



Donnerstag, 11. April 2013

Only for comparison

You don`t need a flow bench to see the difference!

Orig. Dellorto Venturi     vs           JPS Venturi

JPS Dellorto DRLA Venturi Shipset

A Set of JPS Dellorto DRLA Venturi in Ø34mm ready to ship

Thank you Thomas!

Have Fun and all the Best for your nice Streetscreamer Project

Sonntag, 7. April 2013

JPS Valvecover

JPS Valvecover with better lubrication and cooling  for the valvetrain and cylinderhead

This reduces wear on the rocker arm and ensures uniform cooling and lubrication on both sides of the cylinder heads