Freitag, 30. August 2013

Ferdinand's Revenge Engine Project: Part 2

In Part 2 we will have a look on the heart of the engine : the Crankshaft

This is a forged crankshaft from the USA

The first thing is always quality inspection!

This crankshaft was ok from the measurements and it didn`t runout when I check it between 2 centers on the lathe.
For this engine I decided to make an additional heat treatment:

Teniferieren in german     or    ferritic nitrocarburizing in english

Check the links:

After this was balancing: Uaah 30 gramms out of balancing!! at the first check.
But now it's perfect, alone and together with the flywheel and the Kennedy pressure plate.


For sure JPS 3,3kg Cromo Flywheel

Have a great Weekend!

Montag, 26. August 2013

Ferdinand's Revenge New Engine Project: Part1

In the first part, I will show you some components and how I modify this.

This is the modified intake valve 42mm vs a stock 35,5mm intake valve

Weight of the modified 42 mm intake valve
Weight of the stock 35,5mm intake valve
only 2 Gramms between 42mm and stock 35,5mm .....
Line up of my valves
Next part follow soon:
Stay tuned!


Freitag, 23. August 2013

IROC RSR, 910, 956 and Porsche Bug at the Historic Hillclimb Altbüron 2013

IROC History

In October 1973, twelve of the top drivers in the world were invited to participate in IROC, the International Race of Champions. They competed in a series of four races, in which all equipment was equalized. The drivers were from Formula One, USAC, NASCAR and the SCCA.

The car was the 1974 Porsche Carrera RSR 3-liter racecar. Fifteen identical cars were ordered by Porsche, with 318 horsepower RSR engine.

 This car was the spare car for the IROC 1973!

Here you can see the fantastic engine. Twin-spark, Bosch mechanical injection pump and the  special small Fan and the High Butterfly Throttlebodies.
                                very nice!
I found a Porsche powered Bug too!
Widebody and Top chopped with a 3-l engine, sounds great  with his straigth pipes
Have a look on the engine
Porsche 910 was in Altbüron too
Porsche 956 in a line, pure racing history
!!Is a great Event don`t miss it the next time!!

Samstag, 10. August 2013

Back from Holidays

Some pics from our vintage holiday trip
                                                with the train from Feldkirch to Vienna

Never opened nuclear power plant :-)
visit the world heritage monument Sift Melk
Schloss Orth am Traunsee
Bad Ischl

                                                                 Burg Hochosterwitz

Nice views
                                                               beautiful evenings

                                                                      good car

                                                                best driver ;-)

with the train back from Villach to Feldkirch
Perfect Holidays, thanks to all friends !!