Sonntag, 6. April 2014

Nica-Stroker finished, Ferdinand's Revenge Part 5

The Nica-Stroker Project is already finished. Looks good the 2138cc power-plant with vintage speed exhaust

This engine has massiv torque with his 84mm stroke and it`s pulling like a freigth train!

perfect engine analyse data for a new engine.

Ferdinand's Revenge Part 5 (Assembly)

Shortblock with H-Rods, GBE Case Conversation with thick washers and SW15 / M8 Nuts
Cylinder`s on

Up site down
Nice oil sump and the JAYCEE Mag "X" Plate

Valve train with titanium retainers 9g, modified rockers 93g,
shortened (8mm) valve adjusting screws
JPS High Performance double valve springs (127kg pressure at 15mm Valve lift)