Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

Upgrade on my Oval

This was the car configuration
It was really nice and I like it!

But maybe we can make it better, hmm, or maybe just a little different ...

JPS 1915cc and Gearbox out

New Gearbox is ready for installation

Changing Brake Master Cylinder for Ventilated Disc Brake
Fuel Pump for EFI

Engine in

Disc Brake in the back with wider axels


Montag, 5. Mai 2014

Ferdinand's Revenge Part 6

This Post shows the final assembly on Ferdinand's Revenge

The last super light JPS flywheel
At the moment all 3,4kg Flywheels are sold out!

JPS HD Aluminium Pushrods compare to a stock pushrod

Weight 44,1g with Tips installed

Exhaust is a CSP-Phyton 45mm
adjusting the Shroud

This is  Ferdinand's Revenge after break-in

Back to the workshop.....

Changing from Carburetor to EFI

Do you like the Style of Ferdinand's Revenge?