Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2015

912 Engine Project Part 2

It takes some time to have all parts together for a nice build Porsche 912 Engine.
This engine will have it all.....
The 912 Crankshaft after polishing looks nice
the new lifter where checked for the cambered surface
Looks good!
The Lifters are all in tolerance but I like to pair it with the rigth lifter bore
New JE Pistons, 2g difference that`s too much for me.
I`m a little disappointed about that, because a high price piston like that should be better in tolerance.
Anyway I brought it to 0,2g ;-)  
AA Cylinder: Measuring the length, the Ø and out of round all where perfect :-)
Backlash and axial endplay of the Camshaft
Good fit of the Rods!
Dial in the WEBCAM Camshaft
The quality and finish of WEBCAM is very good
Just to compare:
 left 912 Pushrod
mittle JPS custom Pushrod for this engine
and the VW Typ1 stock
The weigth of 8 Stock 912 pushrods :-(
That`s too much in weigth and they where too long too!
Ah, 202g ligther than stock!!
JPS Aircooled Aluminium Pushrods for Porsche 912 Engine, you have the correct geometry with the rigth length and reduction in weigth too.
Win win!  
The combustion chamber after masching!
On Porsche 356 and 912 engines the combustion chamber are not equal you have to fix all
The 3. Piece in place with CSP Oilpumpcover

Dienstag, 10. November 2015

48.Akademisches Hockenheim

Pitlane in Hockenheim

Line up ready fot the track
The red Bug is Gerd Weiser`s beautiful 1302

Walter in Action
Best Lap Time was 1.17.741

This year he runs throttlebodies..., but he decided to return to the Slidevalve for next saison

Preparing for the last Race in 2015, and always a smile on his Face ;-)
The next Project is comming!
You can see my Favorit Crankshaft Brand

Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2015

912 Engine Project

When I first had a look on the engine compartment I think, wow, what a nice looking 912 engine .
Everything was in good shape and dry. Rebuild 1000km ago!

Fabian ( had to fix some tasks with the ignition and with the linkage of the Carbs.

The first Thing that wasn`t nice where the Weber Copy from China or somewhere....
Never seen this. Anyway the Engine need an Oilservice too .....

Metal particle in the Oilscreen let ring my Alarm bells

Nice 1-2-3 Ignition and clean only outside :-(

Weber Copies, sad  there aren`t the orig. Solex 40 P-II 4 on

A Norris 337S was in this Engine, you can see some Flakes on the rightside of the Camgear


The Camshaft is totally destroyed

The Cylinderwalls had deep scratches and they were old, too!
The Dumbass that rebuild the engine use old Cylinders an but new JE Forget Pistions in!
This is like throwing money away....


Destroyed Lifters!

The Oilpump is rusty

The disassembled engine
Even the Full Flow Filter has not helped ...

Montag, 21. September 2015

Limbach L2000 Assembly and Upgrade JPS Singlecarburettor with 39 PICT-3

Crankshaft Assembly of the Limbach L2000
This is a 78,4mm Crankshaft with 356 Conrod Diameter 53mm

Have a look Inside

Modified Limbach Singleport Heads with Stock Valve Size
Yes, I know Hemicut ..... but for a Singleport it will be nice

Mahle Forged-Pistons with polished Wrist-Pin and the superb NicaSil  Cylinders

Longblock of the L2000 (1995cc)
 This Singleport 2L Engine will run on a 37 PICT-3 too
Upgrade to 39 PICT-3 from Guido Wensing  with a lot RD

Looks like new ..... great work!

39mm is big for the stock casting

Modified my Intake Manifold for the new Carb!

The first Testdrive was amazing!
The 39mm PICT-3  is perfect for this engine!
for ordering a 39 PICT-3 contact:

Donnerstag, 10. September 2015

JPS Single Carburetor RD Project

First of all I want to say:

Thank you!

  to the Luftkraft - Crew that vote my Engine
"Best Engine" on the Dyno Day  2015
After many requests about the JPS Single Carburetor Engine, I will let you "almost"..... know what`s inside

SCAT 82mm Crankshaft, my favorite brand!

From the Heads I can only Show you the backside........
Well it is based on a 043 casting with 40 x 35,5mm Valves
JPS Valvesprings, Titanium retainers
Middle Section is a modified CB Performance parts, the Endpieces are orig. VW Castings
SCAT 82mm Crank,  SCAT 3/8"  I-Beam Rods

AA 94mm B-Pistons with JPS Wrist Pins
Diamond Finish AA Cylinders

Here you can have a look inside
Camshaft is a WEBCAM custom grind
"Thank you  for your great Inputs and Advices"
The Engine on the Dyno:
When I drove to the Dyno the Engine hat only 200km on it!
The Carburator on the Dyno was a  37 PICT-3 from Guido Wensing
Here is the Link:


Montag, 20. April 2015

All engines are installed and Limbach L200-A1

The Coffeebean Engine
Very nice Karmann Ghia
I like the style of this Car
The Roaring Fifty
Nica Stroker Upgrade
The custom exhaust have a great Sound and looks very cool
Limbach L200-A1
Looks like new!
90mm Nicasil Cylinders
Have a look inside!
2 Liter Singleport, Single Carbuator