Samstag, 24. Januar 2015

Coffee Bean final assembly, Roaring Fifty Project

Final Assembly of the Coffee Bean Engine
87mm AA Pistons, I prefer the AA Pistons over the 87mm Mahle
Better Pistons, not out of round, Pistons have the same weight and I like the honing of AA
Heads on, Oil coiler in place, JPS custom pushrods for sure! 
Nice Powder Coated Tins
The last step was done by Pädi!
Good Job, Looks beautiful
Only a few parts are missing and than we can start this nice street engine on our engine test bench and do the break-in
Next Engine Project:
Roaring Fifty, or Walter is hungry for power

Sonntag, 4. Januar 2015

Coffee Bean Part 2 and other Infos

Happy New Year to all my Blog followers!
This is Part 2 on the Coffee Bean Engine Project:
Maschine work already done!
Combustion chamber have a new shape
Volumetric measurement the combustion chamber after machining!
I will do it again after finishing manual work

Rocker work:
Oil groove for better Lubrication , Swivel Ball Adjusting Screws,
bore honing

Modifed NOS VW Rocker Shaft

German rocker above
Late style Mexico or Brazil rocker below
I don`t like the Mexico Rockers!

Modification on the intake Valves, Backcut with radius for better flow

It`s not done in 5 minutes ....

Measuring the Valve Spring for this engine
Seat preassure is 38,5 kg
At full lift it is 92kg with 1.5mm shim
With the light lifters, JPS Pushrods, modifed rockers and light retainers you only need single springs for up to 6200rpm
Some other Projects are done!

Westfalia Spezial is this nice Typ 4 engine called:
96mm AA Pistons
NOS 412S heads machined for higher comression with 41mm / 34mm Valves
and a good torque camshaft
This is a nice upgade when you rebuild the engine!

This is another Super Stock 1641cc this time with dual port heads.