Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2015

912 Engine Project

When I first had a look on the engine compartment I think, wow, what a nice looking 912 engine .
Everything was in good shape and dry. Rebuild 1000km ago!

Fabian ( had to fix some tasks with the ignition and with the linkage of the Carbs.

The first Thing that wasn`t nice where the Weber Copy from China or somewhere....
Never seen this. Anyway the Engine need an Oilservice too .....

Metal particle in the Oilscreen let ring my Alarm bells

Nice 1-2-3 Ignition and clean only outside :-(

Weber Copies, sad  there aren`t the orig. Solex 40 P-II 4 on

A Norris 337S was in this Engine, you can see some Flakes on the rightside of the Camgear


The Camshaft is totally destroyed

The Cylinderwalls had deep scratches and they were old, too!
The Dumbass that rebuild the engine use old Cylinders an but new JE Forget Pistions in!
This is like throwing money away....


Destroyed Lifters!

The Oilpump is rusty

The disassembled engine
Even the Full Flow Filter has not helped ...