Sonntag, 6. November 2016

The Typ3 Engine Project

The Typ3 Project starts something different.
Normally everybody asks for more displacement, but not the owner of this Project.
The car is used for vintage rally`s and sometimes it is used to pull a trailer with a historical Formular Vee.
So it was clear that the max. was 85.5mm Bore.
The next challenge was that it must have a closed engine compartment lid
Starting with a new AS41 VW Engine case
For the crankshaft it was the owner choice to take a NOS 69mm VW Crankshaft
8 doweled with I-Profil balanced rods with ARP2000 bolts
Close to 100 Gramm ligther wrist pins is always a good choice.
Try to remove 25g per Piston :-) 
Shortblock assemply with thick washers
37cc combustion chamber, the first cooling fin is gone
40 / 35.5 Valves
Lonblock with CSP Oilpump Cover

The cooling fan was welded and balanced with that large diameter ist a must for me
Upside down of the Longblock
CSP Phyton for Typ3 attached with the super short and curve manifold it is a challenge!
And you can`t use airhorns with the flat airfilters

The engine after Brake-In,
after the installation in the car it was once more a challenge to find the perfect Setup of the carbs and ignition to have no flat spot.
But we found the perfect setup and big smile on the face of the owner after the first testdrive told us.
Mission accomplished