Mittwoch, 11. September 2013

Ferdinand's Revenge Part 3

The next activity on my engine project is to select and modify the connecting rods and the lifters .
The picture shows the H-profile connecting rods after balancing.
You can see the grinding marks on the small end.
The weigth is within 0,2g balanced.

The connecting rods are 5.4 "long, because I prefer short connecting rods for street applications.

Weight stock connecting rods vs H-profile connecting rods

For the lifters I have also decided to use nice lightweight components,
These lifters and other lightweight components help to keep the valvetrain ligth and dynamical

ligthweigth lifters (53,4 - 53,7 gramm, per pcs. in this set)

Have a great week!


Freitag, 6. September 2013

How you can destroy a VW engine

This week I have disassembled a broken VW engine.
The engine  had very low mileage and was a converted VW industrial engine
The pictures show why this happened.......

This is how the camshaft looks when the "Muppets" installed an oil pump that doesn`t fit.
Here was a 3-bolt oilpump installed instead of a oilpump for a 4 rivet dished camshaft
The chips and chunks came into the oil circuit and that`s it.