Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013

Head to Head

Meeting of the Superheads?

3 Nations
3 Concepts

Remmele Motorsport
JPM Motorsport

Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013

Do you need a Br(e)ake

This delicious brake for the front axle is for sale!

It comes with new Pagid RS14 brake pads
and mounting screws and orig. brake pads

Disc dimension is 330x34mm
Monobloc calipers 996.351.430

No heat cracks or damage, like new

Make an offer!


Freitag, 22. Februar 2013

Pure Racing II

                                                     Big Boys Toys ready for racing!

RSR Style Slidevalve for Flat 6
Can you hear the engine scream?

Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013

JPS World of Flywheels

               A new set of JPS Lightweigth Flywheels is manufactured

              Price for a JPS Flywheel :
              Most customers want them unbalanced, they to balancing with crankshaft an pressure plate together   

                 If you want the Flywheel balanced it can be arranged                                  

                                                            World of JPS Flywheels



Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

JPS HD Aluminium Pushrods / Prices

 JSP HD Aluminium Pushrods ready for Installation

All Set are custom made for thr perfect fit, to your application!

This set is custom made to a total length of 270mm

 Set of :
8 pcs. HD Aluminium Pushrods  Ø10mm / Ø6mm  (265mm length)

This are precisions tubes (Made in Germany), not drilled from both sites!!

Weight as you see above, 45Gramms with Tips (from Manton Pushrod)

8 pcs. HD Aluminium Pushrods cut to custom length
16 pcs. High Quality Tips from Manton installed

max. length is approx. 284mm

You can handle a valve spring pressure up to 200kg easy!
Race proven and tested over Years .

Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

Pure Racing

                                                The JPS Slidevalve in on the engine

The engine is from "Wallä" Zwahlen`s racing car
 He is racing since 30 years!!!
Most on round track and hillclimbing
Perfect Intake Manifold Ø 49mm with Injector hole
Fits perfect! 
 In connection with Kugelfischer mech. Injection
We look forward for the Dyno results

Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

Lubrication improvement

This improves oil flow to the lifter bores in the right case half

It helps to reduce wear on the tappet holes
Better lubrication of the rockers and reduced cylinder head temperature too

This and a lot of other crankcase, cylinder head  modifications are availaible at:

                               Zündpunkt GmbH

                                            Flüelistrasse 10 | CH-6064 Kerns
                                            Telefonnummer +41 41 661 00 62
Scope of work:
Crankcase modification for big bore cylinders
Crankcase decking
Crankcase line boring ( first, second, thirth main bearing mass)
Crankcase maching for crankshaft up to 84mm
Cylinder head opening for big bore cylinder
Setting for correct compression rotaion
and a lot of more......

Friday Quiz II

                    How knows in wich aircooled engine this connection rod was used:

                                               Weight incl. bolt is: 418Gramms

This Connection rod was used in the Porsche 935 Twin Turbo
This is the engine
First used in
935 (1976) with 433 kW (590 PS) bei 7900rpm
935/77 (1977) with 463 kW (630 PS) bei 8000rpm
Last evo:
935/78 „Moby Dick“ (1978) 620 kW (845 PS) bei 8200rpm
Aircooled Cylinders and watercooled 4 valve head