Sonntag, 23. März 2014

Coin of Five, Nica-Stroker

Coin of Five Engine ready for Break-In

The engine will run with CSP-Supercompetion

New Engine Project: Nica-Stroker

Prepare the heads to fit the Mahle Nicasil Cylinders, the spacers on the Cylinders are installed to fit the 84mm SCAT Crankshaft.

Measuring the Deck High with the spacers on the new Magnesium Case 

Nica Stroker and Ferdinand's Revenge Cases on the workbench

Full Aluminium Engine :-)

Gene Berg Case Conversation with thick washers and SW15  M8  Nuts.

SCAT Pro Comp 1,4 Rockers
Titanium retainers, JPS Double Valvesprings

Longblock with Manifolds and Equalizer