Samstag, 14. Februar 2015

Roaring Fifty, Autorized Dealer High Flow Fan

The Roaring Fifty Engine Project

Well why Roaring Fifty?
The answer is easy.......... Walter the owner of this engine will be fifty this year.

So we decide to make him a roaring engine for its Oval Bug.

Here we go:

Lets have a look inside!

We starting with a new AS41 Engine Case

My Favorit Crankshaft for HP street engines
SCAT forged CW Crankshaft
It`s a 2027cc Engine 78,8mm Stroke 90,5mm Bore

Spotfacing all Case Screws for thick washers

CSP Oilpump Cover with pressure valve
Heads are based on VW 043 Castings with 40x35,5mm Valves

Upside down

Setting the axial endplay

Layout for the Roaring Fifty engine!
Bergmann High Flow Fan with 44 IDF Webers
Zündpunkt is  Autorized Dealer for Bergmann High Flow Fan
We have tested the Bergmann High Flow Fan on our own engines and made thousands of Kilometers with the Bergmann High Flow Fan.
Pulling a Caravan over the Alps in summer, Looooong distance runs, hill climbing etc.
Now we can tell you that this cooling system is very nice for your Volkswagen.
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