Sonntag, 8. März 2015

Break-In news

Coffee Bean Engine after the Break-In

Roaring Fifty Engine after the Break-In

Now Available

JPS HD 3320g Flywheel


New Price: SFr 400.-

for ordering:
We use this Flywheel on HP street engines from 1641cc, 1915cc, 2007cc, 2110cc, 2165cc, 2276cc

JPS Research and Development  Project 2015
In this  Project I will build something outside the box ...
The Cylinderheads for the JPS RD 2015 is based on a 043 casting

Installing Brass Bushing in the Typ1 Case
With a Groove for better lubrication of the lifters

Here you can check how a AA-Cylinder Looks afer and before
 Diamand  Plateau finish honing
After the honing the Cylinder are ulrasonic cleaned

The JPS RD Longblock Upside down