Sonntag, 30. November 2014

Coffee Bean Engine Project

The Shortblock is already together
In this post we want to take a look inside .... 
Starting with an Industrie engine Typ 126 that has a slighty more than 3h run

                                                             Looks like new!

Crankshaft is a NOS German forged F-Typ
Dynamical balanced for sure!
Flywheel and Clutch too

The wrist pin of the AA Piston 87mm is too heavy

27g less than the AA, we take this one

An average weight Typ1 rod

556g in total and very good balanced, wit ARP bolts
Hmm let my remeber: 4x27g - wrist pin, 4x59g - rods, 8x22g -lifter
That`s 520g lighter than stock :-)

Here it is in the Case

The other goodies for the Coffee Bean:
Silverline Main and Double Thrust Cambearing
Clevite Rod Bearings
CB Ligtweight Lifters with 72g

As for all HP Engines
Thick washers and SW15 M8 nuts

The Pistons Need some honing because the wrist pin are too tight

Fabian`s idea for a Christmas present

A wine bottle holder, like it!

Sonntag, 16. November 2014

Super Stock Singleport

Not everyone is looking for the ultimate high-performance engine for its air-cooled vehicle.
Most of you  just want to ride with your well maintained Oldie with the regualar traffic. The problem is always when you need power for an uphill or to overtake a slow vehicle.

Than you may want to have a Super Stock Engine like this?

Looks completly like a Stock but ....... more powerful.

The reason to rebuild this engine was a loose Flywheel
This destroyed the crankshaft, the engine case
Broke all! Top piston rings

Broke two pistons...
Time for a new set of single port heads
This one are milled for an adequate compression Ratio
the intake is matchported to the EMPI SP Manifold
Longblock wit 87mm AA Piston and Cylinder a Camshaft for better torque and power.
Be careful with Singleport Heads and Camshafts, only a mild Duration will work with this! 
In-out pump and an additional oil sump will help to keep the engine temperatue in the right place on a hot summerday in a T1 :-)

Next Project:  Coffee Bean

Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2014

2110cc Powerpack for T1

in my opinion, the best solution for power, torque for a T1

Longblock ready
 SCAT 82mm Crank, H-Beam Rods, AA 90,5mm B-Pistons with JPS wrist pin
043 Style Cylinderheads with 40x35,5mm valves
SCAT Pro Comp Rockers 1:1,25
Torquemaster Cam

I start with a new AS41 engine case
Thick washer for the big six

Spotfacing all case screws for thick washer and SW15 M8 Nuts

Changing from trash to Quality part

My Favorit Crankshaft

Shortblock with H-Beam rods

Now you can 1:1 compare
Manton Steel Pushrod 87,6g
JPS HD Alu Pushrod 42,9g

The same Pushrod-Tip

Outside 10mm / Inside 6mm
No step in the middle!

Upside Down Few

Dienstag, 23. September 2014

Back from the summer break

Well I`m back after a summer break.
I have done a lot of testing, adjusting, programming and tuning.
........ had some troubles with the rear suspension of my bug....

This are some summer impressions
Mr. Coin of Five`s super cool Bug

Zündpunkt/JPS Engine 1915cc

New home for my 2013engine!
Kusi`s Black Beauty is the right place

2 rare Car`s at Zündpunkt Workshop
356 Pre-A Convertible and 412LE

very smooth engine

St. Stefan Dragstrip with Wale and Thomas
Very good performance of both

AvD Oldtimer GP 2014

Magnus Walker signing the 935K3 for my son
Thank`s Magnus :-)

Testing, testing, testing......

After the rain comes the sun, good discription for my testing .....

Cool sticker from Magnus

Up in the alps