Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2014

2110cc Powerpack for T1

in my opinion, the best solution for power, torque for a T1

Longblock ready
 SCAT 82mm Crank, H-Beam Rods, AA 90,5mm B-Pistons with JPS wrist pin
043 Style Cylinderheads with 40x35,5mm valves
SCAT Pro Comp Rockers 1:1,25
Torquemaster Cam

I start with a new AS41 engine case
Thick washer for the big six

Spotfacing all case screws for thick washer and SW15 M8 Nuts

Changing from trash to Quality part

My Favorit Crankshaft

Shortblock with H-Beam rods

Now you can 1:1 compare
Manton Steel Pushrod 87,6g
JPS HD Alu Pushrod 42,9g

The same Pushrod-Tip

Outside 10mm / Inside 6mm
No step in the middle!

Upside Down Few