Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

Lubrication improvement

This improves oil flow to the lifter bores in the right case half

It helps to reduce wear on the tappet holes
Better lubrication of the rockers and reduced cylinder head temperature too

This and a lot of other crankcase, cylinder head  modifications are availaible at:

                               Zündpunkt GmbH

                                            Flüelistrasse 10 | CH-6064 Kerns
                                            Telefonnummer +41 41 661 00 62
Scope of work:
Crankcase modification for big bore cylinders
Crankcase decking
Crankcase line boring ( first, second, thirth main bearing mass)
Crankcase maching for crankshaft up to 84mm
Cylinder head opening for big bore cylinder
Setting for correct compression rotaion
and a lot of more......

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