Sonntag, 10. März 2013

Camshaft Gear Modification

For my HP street-engines I modify the camshaft gear as you can see below

I cut two approx. 2,5mm width an deep to the ground grooves in the cam gear.
This is to reduce the surface that is in contact and the oil can squish out easier.

Or you can put some marking ink on the cam gear and find out how much surface you need.
You can reduce it by nearly 40%
For HP street engines there is no reason to run straigthcut cam gears
To you need some examples?

This is the camdrive on the Porsche 910 race engine

This on a Carrera 6 engine

and this on a 3.0l RSR engine

All this engines turn up to more than 8000 rpm, producing more than 110 hp/l

The camshaft gear on this engines must drive the huge oilpump, 2 duplex chains for the camshaft that serve 12 valves with double valvesprings.

So I think this are good arguments to throw the noisy straight cut gear in the trash ;-)

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