Sonntag, 3. November 2013

46. Akademisches Hockenheimring 02.11.2013

This Weekend was the last race-weekend for Walter Zwahlen  and his racing bug in 2013.

He finished the last race as he started in the saison 2013.

!! Winning !!

I am proud that I can provide this racingcar with the JPS Slidevalve and JPS HD aluminum pushrods .

Some racing impressions:

Preparing for the qualifying

On the track:
Uahh, wet race
No problem for Wallä, he likes to race on wet conditions

for such maneuvers out of Sachs Kurve you need big balls ;-)

Racing results you find here:
Some pics of other racing bugs
Very nice racebug of Gerd Weiser GWD

Toni Seemeier`s racer

Jens Stoye

Viktor Konstanty
A small comparison in laptimes:
Fastest Lap Walter Zwahlen:  1:18,234
Fastest Lap Gerd Weiser with his son on board:  1:21,988
(very impressive)
Fastest Lap Toni Seemeier:  1:22,455

Cool Weekend and a happy winner!

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