Sonntag, 24. Januar 2016

Swiss Camper Special

New Engine Project is the "Swiss Camper Special", the goal of this project is to build a TypIV Engine with a lot of torque and power and the full reliability to push a heavy Westfalia Camper.

It`s no secret that I`m a fan of the TypIV engines.
For me it`s the perfect Bus engine!

Especially when you but in some goodies like this:

96mm AA Biral Cylinder, a good choice

Measuring the valvepocket volume

Backcut grinding on the 44mm Manley intake valve

Machining of the new AMC cylinderheads

I don`t like the M7 rocker studs, I replace it with custom M8 CroMo rocker studs

Manley Line-up

Longstroke counterweigth crank with H-Profile rods and ARP 2000 Screws.
This crankshaft have an additional Tenifer heat treatment is polished and balanced

A big improvment on TypIV Engine Cases too:
Gene and Gary Berg case conversation invention
Thick washers a perfect flat surface and the correct torque!

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