Sonntag, 16. November 2014

Super Stock Singleport

Not everyone is looking for the ultimate high-performance engine for its air-cooled vehicle.
Most of you  just want to ride with your well maintained Oldie with the regualar traffic. The problem is always when you need power for an uphill or to overtake a slow vehicle.

Than you may want to have a Super Stock Engine like this?

Looks completly like a Stock but ....... more powerful.

The reason to rebuild this engine was a loose Flywheel
This destroyed the crankshaft, the engine case
Broke all! Top piston rings

Broke two pistons...
Time for a new set of single port heads
This one are milled for an adequate compression Ratio
the intake is matchported to the EMPI SP Manifold
Longblock wit 87mm AA Piston and Cylinder a Camshaft for better torque and power.
Be careful with Singleport Heads and Camshafts, only a mild Duration will work with this! 
In-out pump and an additional oil sump will help to keep the engine temperatue in the right place on a hot summerday in a T1 :-)

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