Sonntag, 9. Februar 2014

Coin of Five, Longblock

In my opinion one of the best combinations for street use.
Very nice driveability, performance and good torque what else is needed?

That`s inside:

94mm P&C , Diamond Plateau honing
Lightweight wrist pins
CB H-Rods

JPS Double Valvesprings with Titanium retainer
D-ported, 043 heads 40x37,5mm valves 
JPS reshaped combustion chambers
Engle W120 , 
SCAT Pro Comp 1,25 Rockers
10,2:1 SCR , 8,4:1 DCR

JPS Alu-Pushrods
CSP Supercompetiton Exhaust
44 Weber IDF

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