Samstag, 15. Februar 2014

Weight Improvement (Ferdinand's Revenge Part 4)

In this post I want to show you an overview in my weight improvement on the Ferdinand's revenge engine project

Camshaft, Lifters, Valves , Wrist Pins and Pistons are back from coating


Looks good

Milling of the Piston

On the lathe

Hmm ... good

For the next wight improvement we will go down in weigth
starting with a Standard Mahle wrist pin

:-(  to heavy

AA Standard B-Piston

CB Performance Tool Steel wrist pin shortened to B-Piston Length

:-) that`s nice!

JPS wrist pin, nearly half the weight of the Mahle wrist pin

;-) Like it!

42 mm Intake valve

Weight of the Rocker arm after machining  93,8g
Started at 112g

Better lubrication and ligther Rockers

Compare before and after

Big Jugs are always soo sexy....... ( . Y . )