Donnerstag, 10. September 2015

JPS Single Carburetor RD Project

First of all I want to say:

Thank you!

  to the Luftkraft - Crew that vote my Engine
"Best Engine" on the Dyno Day  2015
After many requests about the JPS Single Carburetor Engine, I will let you "almost"..... know what`s inside

SCAT 82mm Crankshaft, my favorite brand!

From the Heads I can only Show you the backside........
Well it is based on a 043 casting with 40 x 35,5mm Valves
JPS Valvesprings, Titanium retainers
Middle Section is a modified CB Performance parts, the Endpieces are orig. VW Castings
SCAT 82mm Crank,  SCAT 3/8"  I-Beam Rods

AA 94mm B-Pistons with JPS Wrist Pins
Diamond Finish AA Cylinders

Here you can have a look inside
Camshaft is a WEBCAM custom grind
"Thank you  for your great Inputs and Advices"
The Engine on the Dyno:
When I drove to the Dyno the Engine hat only 200km on it!
The Carburator on the Dyno was a  37 PICT-3 from Guido Wensing
Here is the Link:


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