Montag, 21. September 2015

Limbach L2000 Assembly and Upgrade JPS Singlecarburettor with 39 PICT-3

Crankshaft Assembly of the Limbach L2000
This is a 78,4mm Crankshaft with 356 Conrod Diameter 53mm

Have a look Inside

Modified Limbach Singleport Heads with Stock Valve Size
Yes, I know Hemicut ..... but for a Singleport it will be nice

Mahle Forged-Pistons with polished Wrist-Pin and the superb NicaSil  Cylinders

Longblock of the L2000 (1995cc)
 This Singleport 2L Engine will run on a 37 PICT-3 too
Upgrade to 39 PICT-3 from Guido Wensing  with a lot RD

Looks like new ..... great work!

39mm is big for the stock casting

Modified my Intake Manifold for the new Carb!

The first Testdrive was amazing!
The 39mm PICT-3  is perfect for this engine!
for ordering a 39 PICT-3 contact:

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